Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cat Chronicles: Buckwheat & Dora

Dora hiding in the buckwheat

Buckwheat is not the name of one of my cats, but Dora is.  Dora, named appropriately after Dora the Explorer, is 8 pounds of fluffy fur, pure fun and curiosity with zero amount of fear.  She is one of my kitten foster “failures” who managed to climb her way into my heart (using my pant leg) at less than 3 weeks old.

The reason I mention buckwheat is because I want to talk about what a wonderful, versatile plant it is.  Buckwheat makes a great warm weather cover crop (from seed to flowers in just 4-5 weeks!), bees absolutely love the flowers for forage, the dead plants add organic “green manure” to your garden, and the plants will self sow into more beautiful buckwheat.  But the best reason to grow a quick crop of buckwheat during the summer: the cats love to play hide and seek and “stalk” each other in the tall buckwheat jungle (pun intended)!

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