Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cat Chronicles: Top Cat & Cat Scratch Fever

Cricket (top), Whiskers (middle) & Buttons (bottom)

Cats are highly territorial creatures.  So if you live in a multi-cat household like I do, you have to find creative ways to keep the peace.  One of the best things you can do is to put up a cat tree, also called a cat condo.  These are structures made of different materials which your cat can climb, perch and sleep on.  Because cats are territorial and because there’s only so much horizontal space in our homes, cats can use vertical space to define their territories.  The term “top cat” literally applies here – the more bossy a cat, the higher up on the cat tree he will be.

Buttons supervising the assembling of the cat tree.

An added bonus to having a cat tree - cats can use it for scratching (instead of your furniture).  Scratching is super important for cats for 3 reasons:  1) it’s good exercise, 2) it helps trim their nails, and 3) it marks their territory (there are scent glands between a cat’s toes which release the cat’s scent when he scratches).

Cricket, top cat for now ...

So having a cat tree in your home will help your cats carve out their own little territories, save your furniture and keep everyone happy!

Whiskers, one happy camper!


  1. Did you get a new castle for the kitties? It looks enormous!

    1. Received it as a Christmas gift a couple years ago. Best. Gift. Ever. :D