Friday, February 1, 2013

Links of the Week

So the theme for this week's articles turns out to be food and cooking.  I'm pretty sure it was brought on by the cold weather we've been having recently here in the Western North Carolina mountains.  Nothing says "keep warm and cozy" like a freshly baked apple crisp or pot of homemade soup - yum!

This first article discusses 6 simple ways of old-fashioned cooking, such as making meals from scratch ... a lost "art" that has been making a comeback ... especially if you're pinching pennies (and who isn't nowadays?):  Old Fashioned Cooking Tips 

Look at those buns!

The second article discusses how to care for cast iron cookware (definitely a basic for any "old fashioned" cooking)!  I currently only have one large cast iron frying pan, and will soon start scouring thrift shops to find more.  I've been working on "seasoning" my cast iron pan for a year now, and used it just the other day to make pancakes for the first time and those pancakes did not stick once!  I made them with thinned yogurt to replace the buttermilk I did not have, and then smothered them with real organic maple syrup = heaven for my taste buds!  Cast Iron TLC

Classic Cast Iron

And the last article is sort of a "call to arms" to promote and continue eating organic food.  It's amazing to me that anyone can say organic is not better food ... for the health of us, our pets, and our planet!  What Healthy Really Means

Beautiful Bounty of Organic Food

Happy Reading!  :)

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