Friday, January 11, 2013

Links of the Week

Here are some good reads I encountered this week.

1.  Happy Together:  How to Train Successfully in a Multi-Dog Household 

Because January is National Train Your Dog Month and I, for one, am CELEBRATING!  WOOT!  And Karen Pryor is the doyenne of clicker training, my personal hero.  I also recommend her book, Reaching the Animal Mind.  It is a fantastic look at using positive reinforcement to shape the behavior of ALL the animals in your life.  The website has fascinating videos of clicker trained fish, ferrets, a cat that does an entire agility course, a dog that blows bubbles in his water bowl.  Start HERE, then click through each chapter number at the top to see all the fun videos.

2.  What's Behind the Campaign to Condemn Raw Diets for Pets.

Dr. Karen Becker does it again, pointing out all the flawed "logic" the AVMA and AAHA use to try to get you to feed  your pet the unhealthiest of foods--kibble.  

3.  Top 10 Ways to Connect with Your Dog #1:  Take a Hike

Dr. Laurel Davis, holistic vet for Sunvet Animal Wellness in Asheville starts a series on bonding with your pet.  After she counts down for dogs, she promises to count down for cats.


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