Friday, January 18, 2013

Links of the Week

Here is some information worth sharing I stumbled upon this week.

1.  The Yellow Dog Project

The Yellow Dog Project was created to bring awareness to dogs who need space while training, recovering from surgery, or being rehabilitated.  If you see a dog with a yellow harness, leash, ribbon, whatever, this is a dog that needs space.  Do not approach this dog and give the dog and his owner time to move away.  CLick on the link to find out 
more and be sure to share this information with your friends.

2.  Should You Walk Your Dog On or Off Leash?

Dr. Laurel Davis of Sunvet Wellness continues her series, Top 10 ways to connect with your dog and makes a good point about your dog's need to just be a dog sometimes (hint:  it involves the nose).

3.  Free Puppy Social Saturday, January 19 at Asheville Humane Society.

Go to Carolina Mountain Dog for details.

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